Sunshine Blogger Award – The Casimir Legacy

Wow guys, I’m sorry I disappeared for so long without any notice. I’ve been very busy- I’m graduating from high school in a week and after that I have my final exams. I’m going to post whenever I can, though! First thing’s first- I got nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award by pixelatedknight –

Thanks so much!

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First and foremost, here are the rules:

  1. Thank the person who nominated you and add a link to their blog.
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Now here are my answers to the questions I was asked 🙂

What style of writing do you prefer for your Simlit? (ie. gameplay then write or write before gameplay) And why?

Gameplay AND write! Hehe. I have a double monitor set up so Sims 4 is open on the main monitor in front of me and I’ll have the blog post open on my second screen to my left. I always have the story in my mind as I’m playing so I’ll take pictures and insert them into the blog post with the writing as I go along.

How long have you been writing Simlit?

The first Simlit I have ever written was with Sims 3 – The Small Legacy which was first posted February 2010. I used the story maker they had on the old website- it was quite good, I loved using it. It’s on my old old account – I’ve very awful with passwords and have forgotten them along the way, hence the fact I have a different account now. All the pictures have since disappeared, but here’s a link if you were curious:

What made you decided to write about the challenge you choose? (ie. Legacy/Amazon/#buildnewcrest)

I’m assuming this is talking about my current legacy, the Casimir Legacy. Well, I was looking for something fun to get back into legacy writing- and I didn’t want to do just a generic legacy. I wanted a challenge. I spotted the #buildnewcrest legacy in a list of challenges and realised it would be perfect- I had always been looking for an excuse to improve my building skills… and here we are 😛

Favourite expansion from any of the Sims franchise?

Ooh, this is a tough one.. Sims 4 definitely has a lot of good ones but.. I might have to go and say Sims 3 Pets? I just love the pets. If had to choose one EP to have for the rest of my life… it would be pets.

Is there anything you would change in your story? If so, what and why?

I don’t think so 🙂

What country are you from?

I come from a land down under! Australia 🙂

What character is your favourite?

I think everyone always has a soft spot for their founder, but I’m really looking forward to playing Maria, my gen 2 heir. I don’t think I could truly pick a favourite, though 😛

What expansion pack to hope for next for the Sims 4?

Pets! I love dogs so much, and I need them in my game NOW!! 😛


17… but it’s my birthday in 4 days!! so… 18? 🙂 I’m an adult!

Favourite dessert?

Chocolate mousse!

How did you come up with your username?

So, IchiRukii. Well, my favourite anime/manga is Bleach and two of the main characters are Ichigo and Rukia. Their ship name is IchiRuki- and IchiRuki was taken when I tried to sign up to origin so I just added another i on the end and here I am 😛




Okay! Time to nominate! I don’t know 11 bloggers (sad violin music plays) but I’ll nominate as many as I can. Sorry if you’ve already been nominated before 😛

  1. lisabeesims –
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So here are my questions for you 🙂

  1. Why did you decide to start writing SimLit?
  2. When did you start writing SimLit, and what was your first story, if it’s not your current one?
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  5. What’s your favourite food?
  6. Where are you from?
  7. When did you first start playing the sims?
  8. What’s your favourite thing about writing?
  9. Other than sims, do you have any hobbies?
  10. If you were a sim in the Sims 4, what job would you have?
  11. If you could make the next Sims 4 EP, what would it be?

The Casimir Legacy – 1.14 – The Park

thumbnail gen one

It was finally done. It took a long time, but it was done.

06-21-16_5-29-24 PM.png

I could hardly believe my eyes as I stood outside the finished product, already filled with people.

06-21-16_5-30-53 PM.png

It was so exciting to see my dream become a reality. It was so much better than I had ever imagined.

06-21-16_5-31-20 PM.png

There was a spot to eat…

06-21-16_5-31-34 PM.png

A place for the children to play and the parents to sit…

06-21-16_5-31-44 PM.png

And most importantly of course, my garden was a feature!

06-21-16_5-33-43 PM.png

The pond that was out the back and technically not actually part of our land made a good feature too!

06-21-16_5-34-45 PM.png

It was now that I realised my time was well and truly over.

06-21-16_5-35-54 PM.png

Generation one of my long legacy has finished.

06-21-16_5-36-43 PM.png

It’s time to step aside and let Maria take the reigns.




Download the park here!


The Casimir Legacy – 1.13 – The End

thumbnail gen one

It took awhile to get used to one less body moving around the house. Especially since Hannah was the musician of the household, it was a lot quieter.

06-15-16_9-52-26 PM.png

While we all desperately wanted to visit everyday, we decided to leave Hannah on her own for a while. There was no sense in her even moving out, despite the short distance, if we kept visiting her everyday. I knew this was her way of gaining independence. And well, she was an adult now.

That was still hard to believe.

06-15-16_9-26-25 PM.png

Things weren’t so bad. I had my pristine and almost perfect garden to keep me busy. I even started drawing up plans for the park! Now that was exciting.

06-15-16_9-51-29 PM.png

Maria continued to bury herself in work- there was a lot for her to do. With two houses in the neighbourhood built at last there was only one last house to build- her own. Not only that but she was busy with her studies as well as deciding what to do when she left school.

06-15-16_9-57-01 PM.png

Paolo finally accepted that perhaps his body wasn’t made for exercise anymore, and so we made the big decision to sell on the treadmill. While it broke his heart to see it go, he knew it was the right thing to do.

“Time to find a new hobby,” He smiled. The money from the treadmill went towards a microphone at first, but Paolo soon found he wasn’t as funny as he thought.

06-15-16_10-00-21 PM.png

Next up was pumpkin carving- but with the funny faces her managed to carve only seasonal during the month of October and the struggle to continually be supplied with pumpkins for it to be a continuous hobby meant it was out too.

06-15-16_10-03-58 PM.png

He did make some pretty cute designs, though.

06-15-16_10-09-28 PM.png

The art of carving pumpkins however did lead to woodworking- which turned out to be a perfect fit!

06-15-16_10-14-29 PM.png

For awhile after that, life continued as normal.

06-15-16_10-37-47 PM.png

Soon enough Maria’s graduation was just around the corner, and we almost couldn’t believe it. One week left and she was an official adult too! One afternoon we were sat down at the table and she made her announcement.

“I’ve decided I want to be a doctor,” She said happily. Maria had been tossing up between becoming a scientist or becoming a doctor, “I just thought that while the possibilities of scientific discovery are practically endless and definitely intriguing, I want to help people too. The best way to do that is being a doctor.”

06-15-16_10-40-38 PM.png

“We will support you either way honey,” I reminded her. “We’re glad you’ve made a decision. But remember, there’s no right or wrong decision. If you decide you want to be a scientist instead, that’s fine too. Don’t be afraid to change your mind.”

Maria nodded, “Thanks mum, but I’m pretty sure.”

06-15-16_10-44-11 PM.png

After that Maria enjoyed some well earned time off, away from the books. She’d been studying hard as both the doctor and scientist careers required very high marks.

06-15-16_10-46-39 PM.png

She ended up scoring a mark much higher than the prerequisite and like any proud mother, I wasn’t afraid to share.

06-15-16_10-48-51 PM.png

Even all my plants heard the wonderful news. My daughter was going to be a doctor!

06-15-16_11-06-42 PM.png

Maria even visited Hannah for the first time in a while to tell her the news in person.

06-15-16_11-07-27 PM.png

However with three patient knocks no answer came. Maria arrived home slightly defeated but in defense of her sister.

“I heard about a big party tonight, Hannah’s probably there already, it is pretty late in the afternoon.” She explained. “No worries, I’ll catch her another time or maybe just call.”

06-17-16_5-22-17 PM.png

The next day began with joy as I was able to evolve 5 of my plants into perfect ones. I wanted to show off my gardening skill in the park with at least 8 perfect plants so I wasn’t done yet, but definitely very close!

06-17-16_5-42-16 PM.png

More and more Maria generously offered to take turns making meals. Of all the things she was good it, we were slightly shocked that cooking wasn’t exactly her forte.


I looked on worryingly from the table. “Need any help?”

“No don’t worry mum, I’ve got this.”

06-17-16_5-46-07 PM.png

Most nights she pulled through in the end- even if everything was just a little over done.

06-17-16_5-51-02 PM.png

Life was bliss, even though Maria got a little lonely sometimes.

06-17-16_5-53-17 PM.png

She continued to visit Hannah’s home nearly every night, but it seemed she was never home when she dropped by, and never answered when she called.

Seeing her so hopeful when she left and so defeated when she came home broke my heart. I wanted to give Hannah a stern talking to for the way she was ignoring her sister.

06-17-16_5-57-41 PM.png

But even I couldn’t get through to her.

06-17-16_8-12-31 PM.png

I busied myself with my plants while I worried about Hannah and finally got my 8th perfect plant! My other plants were still yet to evolve- some magnificent, some pristine, but 8 was the minimum I’d always set so I was happy to have reached it. Soon enough once it was Maria’s birthday we could move out and I could build the park!

Luckily it was very soon. Paolo and I weren’t getting any younger.

06-17-16_6-19-41 PM.png

Early the next day there was a knock at the door and to our great surprise, Hannah showed her face. We were all waiting for answers. Where had she been? Why hadn’t she been answering the phone? Why was she never at home?

“I’m sorry everyone, I’ve just been out a lot. Partying, working, finally being able to see what life has to offer.”

06-17-16_6-21-04 PM.png

Maria forgave her practically instantly. “I’m just glad you’re here.” She sighed, never one to hold a grudge.

“I’d never miss my little sister’s birthday for the world!” Hannah exclaimed.

06-17-16_7-40-14 PM.png

Hannah was the perfect distraction for me to finally get a chance to make Maria’s cake. Since she’s around all the time it can be quite difficult to be secretive about it. They decided to head over to Hannah’s house to have some time alone and watch a couple movies. I had a quiet word with Hannah on the side so she was in on the plan.

06-17-16_8-17-39 PM.png

Soon enough it was cake time! Unfortunately Hannah had to race off to work, but Maria didn’t mind. Her spirits were already high from the time they had spent together. Maria grew up to be Good, so I could understand why she wanted to be a doctor.

06-17-16_8-24-07 PM.png

And with that, the generation was complete. As an adult Maria was ready to take over.

06-17-16_8-34-32 PM.png

We were all teary eyed looking on at the home we had built, grown and lived in, but it was time to see it go.

06-17-16_9-33-36 PM.png

With the park in progress and our new home right in front of us, it’s time to head into generation 2!



That’s it!! We made it! End of gen 1! I had wanted to build the park for this chapter but that didn’t turn out, it’s going to take longer than I thought to make it absolutely perfect 😛

But for now you CAN download the generation one legacy home here, complete with plants!

Click here!

Stay tuned for gen 2, it’s Maria’s time to shine!

Second Newcrest Starter Home

Hello everyone! Sorry that this post isn’t a new chapter, but I’ve been pretty busy and probably will be for the next few months studying for my trials and then HSC, the Australian equivalents of…practice finals and finals I suppose? Or A-Levels? I’ll try to post within a week, but will let you guys know if I’m going to take any super long hiatus’.

Anyways, in my spare time I have managed to build the second house for the generation 2 lower class hood. Starter homes are probably my least favourite type of house to build. Keeping to budget is really difficult but I made it, and I think the house isn’t too bad, despite my desire to decorate more 😛

As always you can download it from my gallery by clicking here!!

Without further ado, here is the house :3

06-07-16_6-06-00 PM.png06-07-16_6-06-15 PM.png06-07-16_8-53-02 PM06-07-16_8-53-26 PM06-07-16_8-53-46 PM.png06-07-16_6-06-40 PM.png06-07-16_6-06-44 PM.png


The Casimir Legacy – 1.12 – Goodbye

thumbnail gen one

Hannah took the news pretty well.

05-30-16_5-27-19 PM.png

“I kinda didn’t want to be it,” She admitted a few days later. ” I mean I didn’t want to hurt your feelings at all so I didn’t say anything… but yeah.”

“Thanks okay, sweetie.” I replied, “Honesty is important. I think everything worked out. Your sister seems to be happy to be chosen.”

05-20-16_10-47-37 PM

And happy she was. Soon after my announcement Maria and I sat down and I passed all the papers down- the map, the plans, everything. I explained how important it was for her to fulfill her part of the legacy and how to pass it down to the next heir- one of her children. My grandchildren! I could scarcely think of having grandchildren… would I be alive to see them?

05-30-16_5-36-23 PM

Over the next few weeks Maria began managing the building of the new neighbourhood lots for the next step in the legacy. After contacting Simsville Council they provided her with the funds for two starter home lots. The third lot would be her home once I changed this place into a park. They wouldn’t provide any funds for that, so it would be whatever we could get from our current home. I hadn’t imagined that she would start worrying about it so soon, but didn’t stop her. It was probably good she was getting it done now.

05-30-16_5-42-35 PM.png

It was interesting to see that despite expressing her disinterest for the whole thing, Hannah spent a lot of time over Maria’s shoulder while she spoke with the architect.

05-31-16_5-16-37 PM.png

Hannah soon headed off to work, and thanks to her musical achievements in high school was soon promoted to an Open Mic Seeker. Since she worked nights her afternoons were free and occasionally she chose to spend them in the garden with me.

05-31-16_5-22-07 PM.png

Either that or she practiced her music out in the fresh air. Both were lovely.

05-31-16_5-24-28 PM.png

Maria helped out in her own way. On her own she elected to take over cooking some of the nightly meals, as well as doing a lot of cleaning around the house.

“It’s kind of my form of procrastination from the homework,” Maria said sheepishly wen I told her she didn’t have to do all the cleaning, “Plus, I just like to see the place neat. Don’t worry about it mum, it’s nothing.”

05-31-16_5-28-32 PM.png

It was just as tough to stop her from doing it even when she got ill.

05-31-16_5-29-13 PM.png

Paolo and I took great joy out of reminding her of the days of her obsession with her chemistry set, and her endeavor to create her own medicines.

05-31-16_5-30-36 PM.png

Hannah got a good laugh but Maria didn’t seem too happy about that.

05-31-16_5-38-33 PM.png

In the meantime the money from the garden had allowed us to finally fulfill a small and secret dream of ours. With the girls capable of doing their own thing now Paolo and I had a lot of time to ourselves.

05-31-16_5-40-52 PM.png05-31-16_5-41-14 PM.png

Perhaps a little too much time?

05-31-16_5-50-41 PM.png

Time passed blissfully, everything was great- except for the new, big and scary bugs that continued to plague my plants! However soon enough Hannah approached me with a life changing question. One that I was never expecting.

05-31-16_5-55-24 PM.png

“So, uh, how would you feel about me moving out? I just feel like I need to get away you know, get my life started. Meet someone, settle down, it’s not beca”

I was shocked into silence, but eventually managed to speak, “Well… I guess that’s fine honey. I mean, you’ve gotta, yeah. It’s okay. I’m okay. When?”

“Well there’s an open day at the house today. I thought we could go and take a look around together, as a family. I helped design it, kinda. I sent some suggestions through Maria. After that, if you approve, I want to move as soon as possible.”

05-31-16_5-58-00 PM.png

I turned my head to look at the house across the way- the first of the two houses Maria was building for the neighbourhood. A wave of relief settled over me. Hannah wasn’t moving so far away after all. I suddenly didn’t really care what this house was like on the inside. Hannah was close, that’s all that mattered.

“Alright, you go upstairs and grab Maria, and I’ll tell Paolo.” I said, nodding. “Then we can get going and check it out!”

05-31-16_6-03-51 PM.png

Soon enough we all arrived at the quaint little house. It was new and fresh, with a lovely garden our front.

05-31-16_6-04-19 PM.png

Entry saw us into a small opening room with orange accents.

05-31-16_6-04-37 PM.png

Through a small archway the orange theme continued into what was the main living area, fit with a table for three, a tv and a couch…

05-31-16_6-04-53 PM.png

… and a small kitchen on the other side.

05-31-16_6-05-51 PM.png

The door closest to the kitchen led us to a clean and green bathroom.

05-31-16_6-06-26 PM.png

The other door led us to a small bedroom with the master bed.

“Ready to be decorated,” Maria piped up. “This room’s a bit plain because we had to keep it cheap according to your legacy guidelines.”

I laughed nervously. “Sorry about that.”

Maria shook her head. “Not your fault. We’ve had lots of offers for the home already so looks like keeping it affordable was the way to go.”

05-31-16_6-06-40 PM.png

Back tracking into the entry room and into a room we had previously over looked saw us in a multi purpose sort of room that for the day had been decorated into a bedroom.

05-31-16_6-09-18 PM.png

“So what do you think mum?” Hannah asked after we headed back out.

“It’s a lovely home, I think you’ll be very happy here.”

05-31-16_6-31-30 PM.png

We spent a lot of time together as a family after Hannah confirmed her purchase.  I spent a couple nights quietly crying alone in the living room but I had forgotten about how Maria might be feeling about her only sister moving away.

I’d noticed her way of coping involved burying herself in her studies but I tried to get her to have some fun with me whenever I could- even if it meant allowing her to bring the homework along.

05-31-16_8-36-04 PM.png

05-31-16_8-40-00 PM.png

Soon enough the fateful day arrived. Hannah gathered her luggage at the curb and we said our goodbyes. She was only moving nearby but had specifically requested we bid her goodbye out the front so that she could go alone.

05-31-16_8-40-29 PM.png

“Visit whenever you want,” I heard Hannah whisper to Maria as they had their final hug. After that, Hannah headed off towards her new home.

05-31-16_8-38-10 PM.png

I stood for a long time and watched her go, waiting until Paolo and Maria went inside before I allowed the tears to flow freely. I knew this would happen eventually but right now it was pretty tough. I could still see her and I missed her already! I couldn’t wait to visit.

05-31-16_9-02-37 PM.png

I knew she would achieve great things.

05-31-16_8-51-26 PM.png

But for now, this was goodbye.




Hannah’s new home made by me, IchiRukii. If you want to download it click here!

The Casimir Legacy – 1.11 – Fight or Flight

thumbnail gen one

I spent a lot of time over the next few weeks with the two girls.

05-20-16_6-21-13 PM.png

I mean, not that we didn’t spend a lot of time together already, but these days felt… different. I was examining their behaviour more closely. I had to know how to choose, and who to choose soon. Hannah’s birthday that marked her first days of adulthood was moving ever closer.

05-20-16_6-34-51 PM.png

Despite the fateful day seeming ever so far away, it soon arrived. After rounds of song and celebration Hannah was finally an adult.

05-20-16_6-38-01 PM.png

Tyler was the first friend to call that day, wishing Hannah a happy birthday. They were reasonably close in age, but Tyler had been out of school for a couple years already. It seemed Hannah was quite the Romantic, I suppose it would explain why she so desperately sought out Tyler’s affection when she was younger.

05-20-16_6-40-20 PM.png

“And just like that, one of our daughters has graduated,” I said with shock, “Before we know it, Maria will be out of school too! Imagine how old we’ll all be then!”

“Slow down Mum, I only started high school recently.” Maria replied.

“Yeah, Rose, I’m old enough already!” Paolo said with a small laugh.

05-20-16_6-56-09 PM.png

Speaking of getting old- the next birthday was mine. All of a sudden it felt like I was sitting on a time bomb. There was still so much left to do- my garden was almost perfect. A lot of my plants were sitting on a quality rated by the local farmers market as ‘magnificent’ or ‘pristine’. Not quite perfect, but close. I just had to keep working.

05-20-16_7-24-07 PM.png

Hannah and Tyler began to spend some more time together before Hannah started work.

05-20-16_7-25-58 PM.png

Although apart from a few doe-eyed looks exchanged, their relationship didn’t move any further.

“There’s nothing that says the lady can’t make a move.” I suggested one evening when Hannah voiced her concerns.

“You’re right,” Hannah exclaimed, “I’ll do it!”

05-20-16_7-32-59 PM.png

It was then that Hannah found out Tyler was actually married… and with a child.

05-20-16_7-35-01 PM.png

“You’re MARRIED?!” Hannah screamed, “AND you have a daughter?!”

“Hannah I-”

“What, so all this time you were just stringing me along?!” Hannah continued, stomping her foot and waggling her finger. “Was it just a game for you? All this time?”

05-20-16_7-37-32 PM.png

“Even if we weren’t meant to be, why didn’t you invite me to your damn wedding?!” Hannah shouted. “Do you know how long I have waited, how hard I have tried to get you to even look at me? Now you’re just telling me you’ve been married for a whole year. A YEAR!”

05-20-16_7-39-43 PM.png

“Yeah yeah, you poor thing, acting like the victim! You have go to be the MOST ANNOYING person I’ve ever met! You’re so thick I bet you don’t even notice! Oh, and I mean that literally. LOSE SOME WEIGHT FATTIE!”

“At least I’m not as thin as a twig!” Hannah countered, trying not to show how much the comment about her weight had hurt her, “I could break you in half!”

“Wanna find out?” Tyler snickered, squeezing his fists into balls.

“Outside. Now.” Hannah said, rubbing her hands together.

05-20-16_7-46-10 PM.png

Paolo and I raced outside to watch. Things were getting pretty bad.

05-20-16_7-46-52 PM.png

“That’s what I thought.” Tyler snorted, emerging victorious.

05-20-16_7-49-35 PM.png

“Please,” Hannah remarked, shaking her head, “I let you have that one, so I can beat you even harder this time!”

05-20-16_7-51-08 PM.png

After another loss, Hannah was looking particularly dazed. This eerily reminded me of their childhood games of ‘Don’t Wake the Llama’- for all the wrong reasons.

Time to step in.

05-20-16_7-53-11 PM.png

“That’s enough!” Paolo shouted, pushing the pair apart as Tyler went in for a third round. “How dare you treat my daughter that way! Get out of here! I never want to see your face again, you hear me?”

05-20-16_7-57-03 PM.png

Before Hannah or I could do anything, Tyler launched at Paolo and well, Paolo wasn’t one to shy away from a challenge. Especially a physical one.

05-20-16_7-58-23 PM.png

I couldn’t keep the grin off my face when Paolo emerged victorious.

“Go Dad!” Hannah cheered.

“Don’t make me repeat myself. Leave. NOW.”

“Yes Mr Casimir.” Tyler nodded, sulking away.

“Good riddance!” Paolo called after him.

05-20-16_8-00-14 PM.png

“Sorry honey. I guess some guys will always be bad news.” Paolo said sadly.

“It’s okay dad, thanks for that though, that was amazing!”

“It sure was.” Paolo grinned. “I need to lie down now.”

05-20-16_7-26-43 PM.png

It seemed like this portion of our lives was destined for disagreements. Maria came home with word of bullies. She was trying to ignore them, hoping they would get bored if she didn’t respond. Soon after that a boy began to spend time with her, Paolo and I looked at each other wide eyed- not again!

A few days later Maria brought home what Paolo and I felt was good news. “Turns out he was using me for the homework answers.” She sighed, “I had my suspicions at first but he was really obvious about it just recently.”

“Don’t worry about it, honey.” I said, rubbing her back. “You’ve seen the drama Hannah’s experienced. There’s plenty of time for boys… later.”

“I get the message, mum.” She smiled. Thankfully my heavy emphasis on the word ‘later’ had not gone unnoticed.

05-20-16_9-47-07 PM.png

Hannah finally received word back from an entertaining company about employment. She’d decided to seize her talent as a musician and go for it. She didn’t start for another 4 days, but we were excited nonetheless.


05-20-16_10-00-29 PM.png

Meanwhile Maria was experiencing a much less turbulent teenage phase- the worst of it was the fact that I couldn’t beat her at chess.

“Bad move, mum.” She grinned, “Check mate.”

05-20-16_10-26-28 PM.png

Hannah eventually turned to online chat rooms to hopefully meet ‘the one’. I really felt for her. She deserved someone who would treat her right.

“I’ve gotta find someone before I get old.” Hannah muttered.

05-20-16_10-38-14 PM.png

Speaking of old, it was my birthday the next day. I woke up to the smells of a beautiful chocolate cake being cooked by Maria.

05-20-16_10-41-32 PM.png

After making a very secret wish, I blew out the candles.

05-20-16_10-42-45 PM.png

And now, it was time to make a very important decision. I finally knew who I wanted to choose to carry on my legacy.

05-20-16_10-44-31 PM.png

We sat down, and I told them everything. The job Simsville had placed upon me, my plans, the legacy, everything.

“…. and I want one of you to carry it on.” I finished. Looking expectantly for a reaction from the pair, there was a nervous feeling in my stomach.

Maria looked intrigued, her eyes sparkling. I could tell her mind was racing at a million miles an hour.

Hannah looked equally as interested.

05-20-16_10-47-37 PM.png

“It was very tough to choose who I wanted to be my heir. No matter who I choose, it doesn’t make the other of any less importance. I love you both equally, but only one of you can carry on for me.”

I took a deep breath, turning to Maria.

05-20-16_10-50-37 PM.png

“Maria, I’ve decided to choose you. Would you like to be the next heir of the Casimir Legacy?”

“Yes mum, I would.”




And there we have it! The generation 2 heir has been revealed! Thanks everyone who voted in the poll, Maria was a clear winner very early on. Sorry to those of you who voted Hannah, but don’t worry, we’ll continue to check in on her once she moves away. 🙂

generation 2 heir votes.jpg

Just a note, just because the heir has been chosen doesn’t mean this generation is over yet. Maria is yet to become a young adult and we are yet to get 8 perfect plants. On top of that, Rose needs to build her park! Stay tuned!

The Casimir Legacy – 1.10 – Heir Vote

thumbnail gen one

It was strange to see Paolo go grey. I mean, we were getting old…

05-18-16_6-15-50 PM.png

But were we that old already? Paolo was a few years older than me but knowing my time would come soon after made me worried.

05-18-16_6-18-23 PM.png

Other than that he was the same old Paolo. A bit more wrinkled than before perhaps, but he still relished the exercise and skipped off to work every day. I wondered when he would retire- if he ever did.

05-18-16_6-25-58 PM.png

It broke my heart to see Paolo come home from work or downstairs from a workout disappointed in himself, though. Even if his heart was in it, he was discovering that his body wasn’t any more.

05-18-16_6-23-02 PM.png

Maria continued to busy herself with her potions. With the end of the school year coming close, she busied herself in creating a display for the end of year Science Fair.

When I saw the fantastic looking reactions she was preparing, I was very glad that she, for once, wasn’t trying to create something edible.

05-18-16_7-40-32 PM.png

Hannah continued her interest with the guitar much longer than she had with the violin. I hoped that perhaps it might give her a career to strive for when she graduated.

Although, singing definitely wasn’t for her.

05-18-16_8-06-59 PM.png

Maria also spent a lot of time researching on our new computer. It had come just in time for the Science Fair, because while Maria was very clever, she didn’t know everything.

05-18-16_8-10-27 PM.png


I helped her along the way, suggesting that although that volcano looked ‘really cool’, a dozen other kids would probably attempt it.

“You’ve got to show off how smart you really are,” I said, patting her on the shoulder. “I know you can do better than a baking soda volcano.”

Maria sighed, closing the window. “You’re right, it looks pretty simple. I just wish I had a solid idea.”

“You do! Keep trying with that firework reaction!”

05-18-16_9-12-31 PM.png

While I had thought the firework reaction was going well, Maria had revealed to me that it was pretty unpredictable- sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn’t. She didn’t want to risk her big moment at the Science Fair ending up in a dud batch.

05-18-16_9-27-35 PM.png

Soon enough the day of Science Fair rolled around. Maria was fairly sure she had perfected the fireworks- even managing to colour the solutions so she could set off a rainbow!

05-18-16_9-29-25 PM.png

We spent the day waiting anxiously for Maria to arrive home with the verdict- a success!

She’d also received first place!

05-18-16_9-15-27 PM


In the meantime it seemed like Hannah’s phone was buzzing every day. Tyler had gotten back in touch- things with his new girlfriend hadn’t been going great.

I guess he finally realised that what he had wanted had been right beside him all along…

05-18-16_9-20-19 PM.png

I wanted to tell Hannah to give Tyler a taste of his own medicine, to tell him that perhaps he wasn’t edgy or cool enough for her but… having him back in her life made Hannah happy.

I supposed that I could learn to forgive Tyler for losing himself along the way. As long as he treated Hannah right, he was okay.

05-18-16_9-26-56 PM.png

Tyler actually came over just in time to celebrate Maria’s birthday!

05-18-16_9-45-26 PM.png

Maria grew up beautifully, proving herself to be a Genius as well as Mentally Gifted thanks to her whiz kid aspirations as a child.

05-18-16_9-49-26 PM.png

It was wonderful to sit around the table as a family.

05-18-16_9-58-16 PM.png

Maria’s teenage years were vastly different to Hannah’s. No boys were involved, no drastic appearance changes and on top of that- she helped around the house without being asked! It was wonderful to have a friend in the garden and a helper with the dishes.

05-18-16_10-11-57 PM.png

On top of that Maria was quite the handyman! Or should I say handy woman? With Paolo only getting older, he was having trouble having steady enough hands to fix everything. Maria very graciously stepped in.

05-18-16_10-00-51 PM.png

It was especially fantastic that now Maria was older, she and Hannah hung out together just like they used to.

05-18-16_10-02-42 PM.png

Eventually Paolo found it was time for him to retire. He couldn’t push himself in training like he used to do, and couldn’t keep up with all his other teammates.

His boss had also had a quiet word with him about retirement after the team lost a public match.

Paolo thought about it for a few days but eventually decided it was time.

05-18-16_10-06-41 PM.png

Even though all it had taken was a simple phone call, it was not easy. Paolo loved his work, and I felt absolutely awful for him that it couldn’t last longer.

05-18-16_10-20-58 PM.png

Ever since growing older and leaving primary school, Maria had been required to return her chemistry set- no easy feat.

With no chemicals to experiment with and any proper sets properly out of our price range Maria returned to an old past time of chess. While she loved chess, she dearly missed the fun chemistry set had brought her.

05-18-16_10-25-09 PM.png

It was with the passing of days, weeks, months and a sneaky reminder from Hannah that a very special birthday that made me realise something – Hannah was about to become an official young adult!

And I hadn’t chosen my heir yet!

05-18-16_10-23-33 PM.png

Many sleepless nights passed as I thought about who I should choose. Hannah or Maria? They both had wonderful qualities that would ensure they would be great parents and heirs for the legacy. I decided I wanted to see a lower class neighbourhood built next. Both of them were Domestic and would definitely fit the slot.

05-18-16_10-27-13 PM.png

Should I choose Hannah, an OutgoingCreatively Gifted Perfectionist? A wonderful guitarist, she would probably go far in a entertainer type of career. Her teenage years had definitely not been easy on her but with all that life experience I’m sure that she could guide her children through the rough patches of growing up. The experiences she has had would definitely make her a wise mother. Friendly and confident she would be a great role model and an excellent fit for heir.

05-18-16_10-35-25 PM.png

Or, should I choose Maria, a Neat, Mentally Gifted Genius? A big brain and a kind heart, Maria will definitely see herself go far as a doctor or a scientist. Her gentle nature will make her a great mother and her knowledge and maturity would see her raise a lot of smart and healthy children. A sensible head on her shoulders would definitely not see any of them go astray. A bit shy and quiet perhaps, but definitely something that could be overcome. Maria is another excellent fit for heir. A good grasp on real estate could definitely see the lower class neighbourhood built efficiently.

05-18-16_10-40-34 PM.png

I had a tough decision to make, that was for sure.


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